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Your candidate has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. As a Nurse for 18 years, Paramedic for 30 years, and a parent for 31 years. I see the need for a change in education, healthcare and farming. We must support teachers and education. We need to fund education, improve health care and help our farmers get back to farming. This is Oklahoma. We stand together!

As Governor I will provide the leadership for the House of Representatives and Senate to come together to move Oklahoma into the future!

United By A Common Goal

Your candidate knows the value of being connected. That's why they're running for this position. Help them help you. They will be your voice. Vote for Oklahoma future! Vote Gowdy for Governor!

Hi, i'm your republican candidate. We as a people all have the same goals in life. Some inspire more on issues then others but all have the same end result. To succeed! I will be there when the storm hits. When a helping hand is needed. We Oklahomans will stand together and help each other until the end. We are a proud state. A state that will never give up. We have a future and will succeed. As the Governor I will pledge that I will do everything I can to help this state heal and move forward.

Yes there will be investigation, audits and restructure of government agencies under my administration for better allotment of taxpayers funds. At the end of the day as Governor of Oklahoma political party is left behind and voice of the people and development of our state is what is important. 

Yes i do support medical use of marijuana. It has a place in medicine and a cash crop for commercial use.

A word to the teachers of Oklahoma. I'm so proud of you. You have shown this state what an Oklahoman is and how we can move forward. You Go, You Rock!

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